I thank Royal Oak voters for electing me to the city commission in 2013 and ask for your support as I run for reelection this year. Here are my priorities for the coming four years:

Keeping our neighborhoods safe

Public safety is our most important service and I’ve strongly supported our efforts to fund it and to make sure we have the highest quality firefighters and police officers.

Aging in place

Our population is aging and we need to put in place plans  that support people as they age in place. We have to make it easy to walk, maintain places for passive and active recreation, help people get to the businesses and services they need and offer accessible, right-sized housing. Bonus round: It isn’t just older Americans who want those features. People of all ages value them!

Staying vibrant

People all over Michigan envy our vibrant downtown. We’re attracting office buildings whose tenants will shop and dine downtown during the day. A modern new police station and city hall will improve services and increase our efficiency and residents and visitors will relax and socialize in a beautiful downtown park. 

Managing wisely

You have to live within a budget and the city of Royal Oak does, too.  We have lost $19 million in state funding since 2003. Property tax revenue fell fast in 2008 but can’t recover as quickly. The city commission must carefully weigh each decision to achieve the greatest possible benefit for the most people.